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The Dodecanese are a group of Greek islands in the South-East Aegean Sea. The name Dodecanese means 12 islands, but in fact there are more of 163 islands, most of them really small of which only 26 are inhabited. The total population of the Dodecanese prefecture reaches 190,071 inhabitants and covers an area of ​​2579,275 square kilometers.

Located on the easternmost part of Greece, on the borders of Europe. Here you will find a wonderful mix of architectural styles from Eastern and Western cultures. Almost every island has its classical remains, the Crusaders ’castle and the traditional villages.

Some of these Greek islands are located on the border with Turkey. They have everything to offer visitors: whitewashed houses, beautiful beaches with crystal waters, charming villages, exciting nightlife.


Agathonissi is the north most Dodecanese island complex with a fairly impressive coastal configuration and many beautiful windless bays.

Astipalea (Astypalia)
Astypalea, called Ichthyoessa (island fish) by the ancients for its rich fishing, resembles two islands connected by a natural bridge.

Halki (Chalki)
Halki looks like a part of Rhodes minus the large stream of tourism. A mountainous island, it is ideal for those who wish for a peaceful holiday.

Kalimnos (Kalymnos)
This island of barren rock, golden beaches and small green valleys owes its fame to the celebrated sponge fishermen.

This elongated island, the third largest in the Dodecanese, boasts incomparable natural beauties and traditions jealously guarded by its inhabitants.

This is the southern terminus of the Dodecanese, as if it were to Crete by sailing out into the Carpathian Sea.

Kastelorizo ​​(Meridian)
This small but heroic island on the east side of the Aegean Sea, outer link of the wonderful Dodecanese chain, used to be called since ancient times, Meridian
(= maxima).

This island has given the world Hippocrates, the father of medicine; it looks like a huge floating garden.The city is built along a wide bay and catches the eye
from the very first moment.

A generally mountainous island with deep bays often full of green picturesque valleys and coasts affected.

This is a small charming island with beautiful beaches and picturesque tavernas serving fresh fish and local wine.

If we approach Nisyros by boat we are not deeply impressed with the image that emerges before our eyes: perfectly white houses, dense greenery, and the colors of the
volcanic soil.

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Patmos is called Jerusalem of the Aegean Sea, the island of ascetic austerity. It is made of rock and bays and surrounded by seagull islands.

Rhodes is the largest dodecanese island, known for the Colossos of Rhodes that would have stood over the entrance to the harbor. Rhodos has 3 antique cities, Lindos,
Kamiros and Filerimos. And many beautiful sights such as the butterfly valley and the 7 sources. Moreover, Rhodes has many beautiful bays. Be one of the most beautiful bays perhaps the Anthony Quinn bay and the bay of Lindos (see photo).

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This is primarily a rocky island, with the exception of the southern part, which is covered with pines, mulberries and fruit-bearing trees.

This is an island with beautiful sandy beaches, full of springs and streams and Genoa towers. Tourists are still few.